e107 v2.1.4 Bootstrap CMS Released

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Our first release of 2017

We're happy to announce the release of e107 v2.1.4. Our first release of 2017!


  • Menu Manager rewritten (menu selection is now separated from theme layout, providing a more accurate preview)
  • Theme thumbnails added to installation wizard.
  • Fixes for PHP 7.1 - installation now works again
  • Fix for uploading of forum attachments
  • Fix for incorrect forum avatar showing in some cases
  • Added check to prevent server IP from getting banned
  • Various fixes for the user extended fields (both admin and frontend)
  • Possible fix for session issues on some server configurations
  • Cosmetic changes to the admin area
  • Numerous LAN and templating improvements (allowing for translation and customisation)
  • And many more minor fixes

New features:

  • New theme "landingzero' with embedded video.
  • Notification and automatic updating of new versions of plugins and themes
  • Ability to export/import plugin preferences
  • Support for custom font-icon sets in themes with user selection from those sets within the admin area (theme.xml).
  • Bootstrap 4 'Cards' support. New setContent() method added for breakdown of $text into separate elements for use by tablestyle() when available
  • New Constant: THEME_LEGACY added. Old themes will have a value of true, new themes (using theme.xml) as false
  • New forum shortcodes: {TOPIC_TITLE} and {TOPIC_URL}
  • Theme config can now use plugin $fields markup and save prefs to own table
  • New event added: user_profile_edit (see event documentation)

For a full list of changes, please go here.

Please see our downloads section to download a copy.

Thank you for continuing to use e107.

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