Phpmyadmin 2.6.0 released for e107

by admin in e107



I have just released the latest stable version of phpmyadmin which is V 2.6.0! You do not have to edit the file or anything as it is fine. (PLEASE EDIT IT ONLY IF E107 isn't in your root directory).

I'm sorry to say but i haven't included any security in this version as it isn't the file and thats how it is.

I have included a link in the readme file if you would like to protect index.php but thats mostly all. I also said to please change the regular directory (phpMyAdmin-2.6.0) to something people wont guess because any one can access it then.

You will have permissions to delete tables, insert them, and alot more if your host's allows you too!

To download it, Please visit (No registration required).

Once the final version is out, I will update this version to it. Have fun and enjoy. ***Remember, Change the regular directory to something else for protection***!

Any questions? Comments? Bug reports? Email @ smile. Thanks and have a great day!
[Submitted by Trickster]

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