e107 0.7 officially released!

CaMer0n by CaMer0n in e107

Yep, it's true.

Yep, it's true. After only 1 year, 3 months, 3 weeks and 5 days of development, e107 version 0.7 has finally met with the devs approval and has been released.

This has been no minor task, it is nearly a total rewrite and every file has been updated in some way. It is much more flexible, secure, and intuitive to use than any previous version of e107.

Having said this, upgrading from previous versions to .7 will take some work. With 0.7 comes a default encoding of utf-8. Anyone upgrading their 0.6175 site will need an non utf-8 language pack, which in the case for English sites means downloading the seperate e107v0.7_English_iso-8859-1.zip from the downloads page. Please check the upgrade guide carefully.
Please click here for the upgrade guide.

Hopefully all language packs will be created shortly so anybody needing them will have them. Anyone upgrading will need an iso language pack (as explained at the link)

For information regarding the status and contribution of language packs for 0.7 - please see this page

We have restored the old bugs to retain the changelog links, comments and outstanding valid bugs.

It can never be said enough, so I'll say it here also. Anyone attempting to upgrade needs to completely backup their database and files beforehand. Also, when doing the backup, make sure you use phpMyAdmin (or similar tool) to do the backups. Do not rely on the e107 backup routines, they have proven to be unreliable and have been removed.

As always, please provide feedback.

Links to the downloads can be found on this page

The e107v0.7_English_iso-8859-1.zip is no longer empty and contains the one file, English.php that overwrites the utf-8 English.php in the main core zip for upgraders from 0.6xx. Fresh installs of 0.7 should not download this and should use the default English utf-8 pack included in the main core zip.


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