Welcome to the all new e107.org!

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Noticed anything different?

Noticed anything different?

The new version of e107 is coming along in leaps and bounds, and is now stable enough (or so we hope) to use here on e107.org. Please be patient as there are bound to be a few things cropping up here and there, but finding bugs on e107.org means they'll be fixed before the next release is made completely public.
Remember v0.7 is available from the CVS if you want to take it for a test run, but don't consider upgrading your sites yet as there is still a whole lot of work left to do.

Of particular interest might be ...
Lisa's new content management system
The new stat logging and display system
The new rss system which displays content according to which page you're on, and indivdual forum threads etc
The new admin design by SweetAs is gorgeous, it's worth getting the CVS version just for this smile

If you come across any bugs please post it in the bugtracker forum - thanks.

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