0.7 translations coming along nicely.

by e107 in e107

Hi Everyone,

Hi Everyone,
Congratulations to all the translators of e107 v0.7.
Thanks to them, we have CVS translations in full or in part of the following languages:
Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukranian. You can find them here.

We are still in need of e107 v0.7 utf-8 translations of:
Hebrew, Hungarian, Portuguese, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Thai, Serbian etc.
If you wish to help, just send your zipped up translation to @ along with your sourceforge name, and you will be added as a translator.
Or, if you have a full-translation but no desire or luck in working with the CVS, you may also contribute by sending your translations to the the email address above, and they will be added to the CVS for you.

ps: to get help on HOW to translate e107's interface files, please visit this forum.

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