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What you can expect from it and how to make it your own...

Whilst we’re still in the process of tweaking the new support channels to make sure you continue to have easy access to peer-to-peer support, other volunteers have been working to strengthen our communications channels. As announced in our last blog article, we hope to be able to report some further news on the support framework in the coming weeks.

One of the projects we're working on is the Inspiration Corner and we wanted to spend a little time telling you all about it whilst we pull together the first articles for publication.

A Corner for users by users

The new is going to be less of a community hub and more directed at promoting the product that is content management system and displaying its flexibility. That’s one of the reasons why we’re inviting you to communicate with us on different platforms rather than on

Nonetheless, one thing we didn’t want to lose was the ability to showcase the inspirational applications of e107 across the web and on your websites.

That’s what Inspiration Corner is here to do, to give a front-page opportunity to showcase your website, your themes, and the way you use the new e107 v2 Bootstrap so that others can take your ideas and make e107 work even better for them.

We welcome your contribution

The Inspiration Corner is moderated by volunteers [long-time users and developers of e107] but we welcome any contributions that demonstrate what can be done with e107 v2 Bootstrap.

So if you’re using e107 in an interesting way and are willing to write a short article about it, we’d be honoured if we could share your story to the rest of the e107 community.

You can let us know your interest by posting on Facebook or tagging us on Twitter and the editors will get in touch with you when they can.

The kind of articles you can expect

We’re really thrilled that there are already community members who have indicated their interest in sharing with us their experiences porting themes to v2.0 or installing and setting up a website on e107 v2 Bootstrap and the more case examples we have the more insightful the Inspiration Corner will be.

Essentially, anything that explores the day-to-day use, whether it be articles on creating a new theme, setting up a site that works and is operational, creating a new plug-in, all of these are topics that we would be interested in publishing to the Inspiration Corner.

So don't be shy - write down your experience of using v2 Bootstrap and share your article ideas with us on Facebook, Twitter, or even the informal community at Google+!

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