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Of all the support emails I get.

Of all the support emails I get. nearly all of them are comprised of the same few questions, so I'm going to answer them here to save you the trouble of emailing me smile (I'll add these to the FAQ when I get around to putting it back up).
  • Q: I signed up on but when I try to login it says "name not found in database"
  • A: You must respond to the verification email as soon as it arrives, as unverified signups are deleted after 30 minutes to try and combat the fake signup floods we get. If you verify straight away, you'll be able to login.
  • Q: Will you code a plugin/theme/whole new system for me?
  • A: No. Sorry. In fact most of these type of email are worded "I need *insert type of plugin/theme here* - when can you code it for me", which I find impolite in the extreme. Someone messaged me a couple of weeks ago in #e107 and said (this is a direct paste from the logs) "hi Jailist (sic), I need a Rate My Picture plugin coded. how soon can you have it done?". I asked him how much he was looking at paying (not that I was intending to code it for him) and he said "pay? forget it dude". Does this strike anyone else as ignorant or is it just me? I'm always happy to advise on coding issues but please don't expect me to spend weeks coding a plugin/theme for you.
  • Q: I need to integrate phpBB/Invision/other forum system, will you do it/help me do it?
  • A: No. e107 has it's own forum system, there are no plans to integrate any other thrid party forum system. If the e107 forum system isn't powerful enough for you then maybe another cms is your solution.
  • Q: I posted on the forum but nobody is answering - your support sucks
  • A: Not really a question I know, but I get maybe 5 of these a week. See this thread here.
  • Q: I want to start an e107 support site - can I have your permission to do that?
  • A: You don't need my permission, please go ahead, and let me know the address so I can link to you.
  • Q: I want to translate e107, is it ok to do this?
  • A: Please go ahead.
  • Q: I want to charge people to install e107, is that ok?
  • A: You are quite entitled to charge for your services, as long as you're not charging for the actual e107 code. Good luck, I hope you make a million smile
  • I've coded a plugin/theme for e107 based on/using code/graphics from another plugin/theme, is it ok to release it?
  • A: That all depends on what you've used - is it released under a licence? Is it copyrighted? Do you have permission from the original author to redistribute code or graphics based on/using his work. Do the right thing and ask, and credit the original author.
  • Q: Where is the #e107 IRC channel?
  • A: - see the menu item on every page here at
Please keep the emails coming, I really don't have a problem helping people with valid questions if I can, but if you mail me with any of the questions above all I'm going to do is reply with a link to this item smile

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