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Hi guys,

Hi guys,

The purpose of the site is provide a place to catalogue all the various e107 websites out there. There's been a few of these in the past but they don't seem to last very long, and the few that remain don't have a current, complete list. I'm not much of a coder so this is one way I can give back to the community.

And I can assure you that we107.net will survive for the long term because it's hosted on a dedicated server of my own.

Please take a second to sign up http://we107.net and add your site to the list of links. I've added a few myself but I would prefer for the site owners/admins to add their own sites, so they can keep them updated with the Personal Content Manager feature in .7.

Until that gets filled out, you can get a text listing of e107 sites from the link in the main menu. I compiled this list about a month ago, from various sources on the web, and confirmed all the sites were working at that time.

Thanks to the e107 development crew for building an awesome CMS.

Austin Vaughan
Admin - DAPreview.NET, iAudiophile.NET, we107.net
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