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Build the website of your dream using e107!

e107 offers a variety of easy options allowing you to get a powerful website up and running in minutes.

Check Your Requirements

If e107 is to be your platform, you're going to need to hook yourself up with some basic gear. Here's what we suggest:


  • A Web-Server (Apache or Microsoft IIS) running PHP v5.4 or higher and MySQL 4.x or 5.x.
  • FTP access to your webserver and an FTP program such as Filezilla
  • Username/Password to your MySQL Database


  • A Linux based Webserver running Apache 2.x, PHP 5.6 or higher (including PHP 7), MySQL 5.0 or higher. (LAMP)
  • A registered Domain Name
  • Access to a Server Control Panel (such as cPanel)

Download the Software

Once you've confirmed you've got the basic gear. It's time for the main show to begin. Download and upload the contents of the e107 CMS Full Zip file to your webserver via FTP. v2.0 Bootstrap is a platform in development, so not everything might be fully functional just yet - but it's stable enough to run on most live websites. Our legacy software has years of proven track record powering thousands of websites on the web, but it doesn't provide all of v2.0 Bootstrap's future-ready features.

Installing v2 for the first time

Upgrading from v2.x to 2.2.1

Upgrading from v1.x to 2.2.1

† If you are upgrading, please backup your database and your home directory.
e107 version 1.x is NOT compatible with PHP 7. Upgrading to v2.x PRIOR to switching to PHP7 is highly recommended.

Installing v1.x for the first time

Download and install it yourself:

Upgrading from an earlier version to 1.0.4 

Latest v2.x for Developers

Configure the database

The database is like your platform's brain, this is where we'll store your content, your preferences and settings. You can configure a Database Account for e107 via your server's control panel (or ask your hosting provider to create a database and send you the database-name, username/password).

Run the installation program

Once the database is up and running, point your browser to the http://localhost/YOUR FOLDER/install.php (depending on your webserver setup). Let e107 do the rest and get you one step closer to a fully-featured website. Simply follow the instructions and join the family of e107-powered websites. Once the wizard is complete, you're all set to hopefully build the website of your dreams! e107 comes included with starting themes and a solid set of plug-ins to give you a great starting visual and the building blocks to help you build your site from the grounds up.

Support our further developments

Once you've experienced e107, consider helping us:

  • If you're a developer and can help us move e107 forward, don't hesitate to contribute your coding additions to the e107 GitHub platform.
  • If you're a webmaster you too can help us by contributing your experience to our blog and allowing us to share with others the flexibility of our platform using real-life examples.

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