e107 v4.0 beta5

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Some major changes in this release, not feature wise but how things are set up.

Some major changes in this release, not feature wise but how things are set up. Looking through a list of all the bug reports last night and this morning, I realised that 9 out of 10 are either theme or setup related, ie people using uncompatible themes, or people just not 'getting' how to change something. There must be a flaw in my design somewhere along the line and I've tried to address that slightly in this release. The main change is to do with /admin/menus.php, I've completely redesigned it and hopefully now it'll be easier to use and change menu items. The other major change, and this will affect people using their own or modified themes, is that (sorry about this) but the theme structure has changed very slightly. A lot of people were complaining about sitelinks showing up in the wrong place, not showing at all or having two sets of sitelinks showing, so the theme now has settings about how links, and a lot of other stuff works. It's cuts down on the template files (all the core themes only use two different templates now), but if you are using your own theme you will need to make a couple of changes, the main one being in the [newsstyle] section. If anyone wants me to upgrade their theme then send it to me and I'll make the alterations and send it back. I can't be fairer than that. The third party themes have also been brought up to date, and the themes page is back open again. Please can I stress again that if you have a theme, I;d be extremely grateful if you sent it to me, a cms lives and dies by it's themes and plugins and we need more if we're going to get anywhere. As usual let me know of any problems, the easiest way is to join us in #e107 on irc on any freenode server. Get beta4 from the e107 page.

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