They're coming out the f*&!£$g ceiling man!

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Bugs eh?

Bugs eh? Grrr.

I see the poll isn\'t working quite as it should. There are a couple of other things that need looking at too but not too many thank goodness. The install script works fine (it\'s all dynamic now, no messing with config files) and it checks if everything is working so hopefully I\'ll get less of the \"I can\'t log in\" type problems (it checks your session path is ok etc). The script now needs php 4.1+ because I got completely fed up trying to be backward compatible. Tonight I\'ll fix up the poll problems and start rewriting the headlines script (thanks to Bill Kraski for the bug reports regarding that).
Oh yeah, you can now have extended news items ... See I told you you could smile

Poll should be fixed now, as should chatbox (certain characters were messing with the divs).

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