e107 is changing ....

by admin in e107


... for the better!
Developement of e107 is opening up. It's become too big a project for me to maintain alone, I feel like I'm letting everyone down with the lack of updates and fixes. For this reason, I've asked some trusted friends to become dev team members and to my amazement and pride they've all said yes smile

The new dev team is as follows (in alphabetical order) ...

Cam runs e107coders.org and has developed many plugins and helped out with core upgrades
chavo has always been a big help on the forums and with core fixes
Never heard of him, some slacker from England
Lolo is our resident javascript and DHTML expert, has coded many major plugins
Thom has coded some of the most popular plugins, and has always helped out with core upgrades and fixes.

The CVS is now up and running and can be seen on Sourceforge, latest fixes and additions can be found there, We still have to work out how we'll go about releasing stable builds but hopefully the new team will mean e107 can move onto bigger and better things.

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