e107 v1.04

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I've just uploaded the brand spanking new version of e107, here are the changes ...

I've just uploaded the brand spanking new version of e107, here are the changes ...
  • Version 1.04
  • News submission: visitors to the site can now submit news items, you will be told of any newly submitted items on entering your admin section. Items can be reviewed and copied directly over to the newspost section if required
  • mySQL backup: You can now save a complete backup of your database directly from your admin section. Also view table creation and information data
  • Link categories: Links now categorized, new admin page allows you to add/edit/delete categories
  • Poll now saves IP address of any voter, disallows re-voting
  • Two new themes, joke (thanks a lot to CraHan for help on this one) and awaken
  • You can now set number of chatbox posts that appear on screen from prefs
  • All chatbox posts can now be viewed (chat.php)
  • Prefs update better, when you choose new theme the theme is reflected on screen immediately
  • Loads of olther little tweaks and changes I can't remember smile
It's very important you read the READ_THIS_FIRST.txt file in the zip before installing this version - due to some table structure changes a couple of tables are dropped and recreated during installation, so you must back them up. The table structures are pretty rigid now so I don't envisage this happening for future versions.
Lastly, I haven't had my normal testers (PovRayMan mainly) around to go through this version with the fine tooth comb, so please let me know asap if you get any problems.

Download version v1.04 here.

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