Revision #9

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Here's another bugfix release ...

Here's another bugfix release ...

e107_handlers/resize_handler.php : not reported : fixed error with path when handler not called from root dir
class2.php : not reported : set default cookie name, hopefully will fix the login problems some people were having
e107_admin/chatbox.php : Bugtrack ID 117 : member ID now properly displayed
upload.php : Bugtrack ID 116 : special characters in upload description entered into db correctly
e107_admin/emoticon.php : Bugtrack ID 108: emoticons are now listed correctly after a deletion
e107_admin/forum.php : Bugtrack ID 106 : fixed small lan problems in preview section
e107_admin/header.php : Bugtrack ID 97 : correct charset now loaded in admin area
e107_files/resetcore.php : not reported : new cookie_name pref now structured into pref reset

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