e107 v0.547beta

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Notice the release number?

Notice the release number? Hmm yeah sorry I know it's confusing but being at version 5x and still in beta seems more ridiculous every day so I've changed it. Anyway here's the changes ...
[download.php] - rewrote, the one previously released is a bit untidy I think, you can still use it if you prefer it, just change your download links to download2.php. [admin/download.php] - you can now create downloads to external files or files not in the files/downloads folder [ * ] - changed hardcoded admin links so that $admin variable now directs to correct location (thanks Lolo for listing them) [ admin/article.php ] - added option to add email and print icons to articles [ admin/cache.php] - added ability to cache content, speeding up renders and vastly reducing mysql queries [ news.php | admin/frontpage.php] - you can now define what is shown on your front page (obviously defaults to news), option to show splashscreen is incorporated [ * ] - 12 million other tweaks and small fixes smile
There is an upgrade script it you are updating, just run it and follow the instructions.

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