Theme and layout tutorial.

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Theme creation que style.

Theme creation que style. Getting down and dirty within the core workings of E. While under the dim development lights in my office, I received a friendly reminder of a promise I made back in December. I better keep my word. What good is a man without one good word? What would you call him? NO GOOD! Naaa, thats two words. One word would be something said/written that would put the new Jalist's text parse code to work and display that default bad word censored. So my long point is this. I'm going to let all of you join me as I code up the new Qnome layout. I've coded up a default theme.php and figured out a way to get you any your websites into dev mode. Skip on over to qnome to join in. I've uploaded tutorial day 1 to the server so you can get yourself and server ready for class. Note: This will not harm your current layout...

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