New version - 0.7.18

CaMer0n by CaMer0n in e107

Yes, here's yet another release.

Yes, here's yet another release.

We have tightened up some of the security relates stuff from the last release and fixed some bugs that crept into it.
Most notably an issue with not being able to save extended user field data.

I also change a few things in the file inspector to make that a bit more useful, thanks to Lawbringer for that.

Here for changes:

Here for your files:

Note: For anyone who was really quick off the mark, there was a hitch with generating the first set of release files. If you downloaded later than 2235 UTC on 4th February, the files should be good - you can check by opening file e107_admin/ver.php in a text editor, and it should mention 0.7.18 (in some of the releases, the file wasn't there at all).

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