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Ever wanted to handle your own e107 WebSite just on a USB Pen?

WinPenPack Ever wanted to handle your own e107 WebSite just on a USB Pen? Now you can! Thanks to a partnership between and e107 Italia a new functional Suite is now available. Completely FREE! WinPenPack Flash Web is a lively application offering a complete Suite of useful and indispensable programmes to install, manage and customise our beloved e107 CMS either on a USB Pen or any other movable support. Further it lets you to upload any files to your remote server. WinPenPack Flash Web includes: - e107 version 0.7.8 ("official" English version) - X-Firefox (Browser) - X-FileZilla (FTP Client) - X-Nvu (open source Html editor) - Notepad++ (advanced text editor) - X-RSciTE (advanced text editor) - X-WinMerge (it allows to find differences between two text-files or folders) - X-Gimp (images and graphics management) - Pampa Web Server (Local Web Server - Windows GUI that manages as a stand-alone application an AMP enviroment: Apache, MySQL and PHP) Download: English english flag
winPenPack Web 2.8.1 English version >> [HERE]
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- e107 Italian support: [e107 Italia]
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