Revision #6

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Just a few revisions today, here they are ...

Just a few revisions today, here they are ...

e107_admin/updateadmin.php : not reported : fixed very minor display issue, admin name wasn't displayed if changing own password
e107_admin/newspost.php : Bugtrack ID 56 : fixed double slash problem in created news.txt
e107_admin/upload.php : upgrade : icons added for quick manipulation of uploaded files, upgrade by Cameron
class2.php : not reported : theme preview works again
e107_handlers/resize_handler.php : reported on forum : pref entered on user screen now used as resize width, images smaller than resize width are left untouched
article.php : Bugtrack ID 58 : fixed small path bug
e107_admin/plugin.php : Bugtrack ID 45 : added options to plugin manager for non-menu with config type plugin

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