baba v1.0

Description:baba is a theme with fluid layout and offers, as rarely I do, a scheme with two areas side menu.
The design is simple and clean and incorporates some css3 features for the \"round corner\". Nevertheless, the use of javascript passes W3C validation despite the use of specific yet deprecated.

There are three different layouts, one with both blocks menu, a menu with a single block and one full page, and six areas menu.
The panel provides a simplified login utility control of the latest news of the site (requires plugin installed latest info), and the search bar is decorated with some effects.

The navigation menu support submenus and is manageable from the admin panel, site links.

It \'compatible with any browser, but in those older effect \"rounded corners\" is not available.
Released:18 Oct 2012 : 02:45AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher