UserClass Show v1.0

Description:UserClass_Show allows you to assign images to each user group created in e107 and show them under the avatar of each user belonging to that class (group).

The particularity of UserClass_Show is to allow the user the total management of images directly from the control panel without any need to edit files, insert shortcodes or upload images via FTP.
Everything is managed from the control panel of the plugin, which automatically cleans it's tables, check the images and alerts the user to any significant changes in the management of user classes e107.

Plugin functions:
assign images to each user group created;

upload images directly from your control panel;

warning if image does not exist and/or deleted;

warning if two or more classes use the same image;

notice if you load files with extensions that are not allowed;

size sensing set by e107 for the avatar and sizing images of the group;

possibility of browsing all the images uploaded for subsequent redeployments;

preview of uploaded images;

choice single or multiple sections where show images (forum , comments, user profile)

ability to hide pictures of the group to guests;

possibility of limiting the number of images displayed at a presettable value from the control panel;

ability to view or hide description for the group.

users who use custom templates and / or Shortcodes provided by third-party developers no longer have to edit the plugin files to fit non-standard code, but can make changes to the code directly from the UserClass Show control panel
Released:23 Nov 2012 : 07:24AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher