AACGC Attendance List v3.1

Description:List Events For Local Areas or For Internet Events. Comes with Submission form for users to add themselves to the event list with options of Yes, No, or Maybe they will attend. Admin chooses if accepted in admin panel as well as userclas that auto accepts. List Date, Name, Cost, Details, External Link, and Location of Events.

Added Aug 1st:
Scrolling Events Menu
Request count in admin latest section

Added Aug 4th:
Edit user option
Detail Event Section made larger
Date added to Event Menu
Option to disable scrolling menu
Table changes for more organized view
Events in menu made Clickable to Event Details
User can edit their requests
added option to order events by date, name, or id

Added Aug 27th:
option for auto approve admins

Added Sept 23rd:
Option to manually add users to events
modified layout for Events page
modified join event page
automatically detects members and inputs their name

Added Sept 24th:
Fixed Delete issue

Added Sept 27th:
Changed input buttons to images due to some theme errors

Added Sept 30th:
New option in Events for who hosts what events
changed join feature to work with each event seperatly. (Join Event button now for each event instead of all using 1)
Join feature change required for future updates
reorganized Events page for better viewing
fixed issue with event menu button
User can now only post 1 time per event

Added Oct 1, 2009:
Deleting Event Now Delets Members in Events
All table widths are now 100%
Admin can add events from event page or menu

Added Oct 2, 2009:
Option to set userclass for adding events
reorganized admin settings

Added Oct 13, 2009:
Fixed issues of settings not saving
Links and Link Text now don't show if left blank while creating or editing events
Cost section now doesn't show if left blank while creating or editing events

Added Oct 18, 2009:
Fixed security issue of guests possibly posting new events
Fixed security issue of guests possibly joining events

Added Oct 18, 2009:
Added option to open/close each event so user can/cannot join

Added Dec 5, 2009:
Changed Date format to pop-up calendar selection in create and edit events sections (Calendar Menu Support will come soon)

Added Jan 24th, 2011:
Fixed auto approve class option not allowing users to join
Fixed menu mouseover scroll speed

Added May 17th, 2012:
SQL 5.5 support
Released:06 Oct 2012 : 03:53AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher