AACGC Xfire Stats v1.7

Description:Xfire Stats Plugin that shows all members Xfires on a page and scrolling menu. Members must enter an Xfire username in their profiles and an extended user field called user_xfire must be created in the Extend Fields area.

Added Sept 28th, 2009:
Option to show Usernames on main page
Option to show Avatars on main page and adjust avatar size
Option for Gold Orbs Support
Option to Name Main Page
Spaced out users xfire on main page for esier viewing

Added Oct 10, 2009:
Option to choose Xfire Skin
Fixed Issue with double xfires on some forums

Added Nov. 28, 2009:
Complete Xfire Profile for each user. Shows gaming history, gaming rig, hours played, all information from xfire on a detailed page for each member. Click the Xfire badges to view detail page.

Added March 19th, 2010:
Option to show Xfire Badge in profile
Profile badge links to users xfire detail page

Added March 14th, 2011:
Disabled gaming history due to xfire removing remote access ability (more info here)
Added language file (users can now translate to other languages)
Released:06 Oct 2012 : 03:50AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher