Metaweblog for XMLRPC clients v1.4

Description:A rewrite of the old eXMLRPC plugin now with a lot of improvements!
Metaweblog Plugin v 1.4 for e107 (Temporary version for e107 v. 1.0.1)
This is a new version of the eXMLRPC plugin with al lot of new features!
See below for current available features (may vary a little bit in different clients)

1) Installation e107
2) Installation XMLRPC clients
3) Features working
4) Tested e107 version and XMLRPC clients
5) End notes

1) Installation

Unzip metaweblog plugin you will find 2 folders


Copy the content of the 2 folders in the corresponding folders of your e107 installation

Add these lines in file "e107_themes/templates/header_default.php"
This is not strictly required but it will push XMLRPC clients to auto configure your site, so Yes it's recommended!

Access admin area and go to the plugin manager
Install Metaweblog plugin
Go to plugin configuration e click options set all required options

*** REMARKS! ***

It's recommended to create a user to use authentication credentials from XMLRPC clients, and this must NOT be the main admin of course!

The plugin make use of the "e_TOKEN_FREEZE" constant

2) Installation XMLRPC clients

This new version push XMLRPC clients to auto configure your site, so no configuration is needed.
XMLRPC clients usually will ask for the url of your site/blog, username and password.

If you dont patch the "e107_themes/templates/header_default.php" you must manually configure the client usually use "wordpress api" under configuration or point the

client directly to the "e107_plugin/metaweblog/metaweblog.php".

3) Features working

Read - Edit - Create - Delete Posts (news)
Read - Edit - Create - Delete Pages (pages)
Read - Edit - Delete Comments (comments) creation of comments seems not supported by any client at this time? (only reply)
Read - Edit - Create - Categories (news) icon are not supported

Upload of images in posts / pages ! Images goes to e_IMAGE.'newspost_images/'

4) Tested e107 version and XMLRPC clients

I've tested with the latest e107 1.0.1 version

XMLRPC Clients (all the latest version avaible in May 2012)
Windows Live Writer 2011 in Windows Seven Professional x64
Scribefire extension in Firefox and Chrome (it works even on Mac's)
Iphone / Android Wordpress App (Android version has some minor flaws XML request seems differents in some cases, maybe in future we will have 2 different branches or

maybe a dedicated e107 app ).

The android app search for a file named xmlrpc.php so if You use this app You must rename metaweblog.php to xmlrpc.php (also in the header_default.php, if not clear

send me a note).

5) End notes

The plugin is in current development and there are many other things to implement and test (and to code better ).

Write to me if You have problems and or sugggestion

If You use it in smartphones and/or different XMLRPC clients please send a note!

Many Thanks goes to Cameron for supporting me in this development and to all e107 Developers Team for creating and implementing e107 the best CMS!

Thanks for installing and testing.

This article is translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Jovana Milutinovich from
Released:30 May 2012 : 02:42AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher