Google MySite Search v2.0

Description:This plugin will add google site search menu and display the result within the website. It is configured for You have to make necessary changes as per your adsense account setting.

Go through reame.txt file inlcuded in zip file before installation.
In directory there are two files.
one file is google_mysitesearch_menu.php, which adds menu to the menu area.
Another file is a mod for search.php. It inclused google adsense code snippets for advertising and display of search result.other than that there is no change from the original search.php.
In version 1.0 search.php was to be copied to root directory. Now in version 2.0 this is dispensed with.

The search will be performed on the google and your website and results will be displayed within the website itself. Only when user clicks on the url, will he be taken out of the website.This is as per the policies of adsense search only.
It is tested on ver 7.7 and should be compatible with any 7.x version.

Unzip the files to your plugins folder.
Set up your account at
3. Edit google_sitesearch_menu.php and replace “YOUR DOMAIN NAME” with your domain name. It’s required 2 times. Also,

insert your account from google adsense in place of mine, unless you just want me to earn the money .
4. Upload the google_sitesearch_menu folder to your e107 websites e107_plugins directory.
5. You should be running at least e107 0.6+.
6. You must then enter the plugin manager and activate Google SiteSearch.
7. Go to the admin panel and enter menus and activate Google SiteSearch for e107.
8. Edit the Search.php file in the plugins Directory. and add your code for adsense . You may not have to edit Google

Search Result Snippet at lines 467 to 481. Incase you need it to change obtain the script from Google adsense

9. Change to your site name wherever it is occuring in the file

google_sitesearch_menu.php. You can also obtain the code from Google site and replace the codes between the quotations.

Changelog from Version 1.0

I have changed the version number to 2.0 because of the major changes.

Search.php is originally found in the root directory. Now this plugin will not use that file so you can leave it intact. The

search.php which is now included in plugin directory itself with relative paths being corrected. Language file has also been

included. At present only english language support is provided. The file is available in

Support for other language is also included by including a line

How ever this is untested and may need change.
Released:22 Dec 2006 : 06:56AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher