CSS online editor v1.1

Description:Stop updating your css file, saving it, uploading it, ctrl-f5 to see the changes, with this little tool, you'll just have to write your css content, submit it and it will automatically act in the user interface. No more 'full refresh'!!

The way it works:

it will add a css file and render it after the 'normal' css file. So that it will take over the style of your website
no use of database table, runs directly from the created css file
update to the file will be in a new css file, so that you wont have to reload the style sheet, the code will automatically call the new named file.
You need to write completely your styles.
*Added a link visible only for admin
*Added icons
*Fixed plugin.php

* Integration of this plugin into the 'Online themeing suite' plugin

* Actually using the function core_head() also used by the stats.php , making the rendering of the new style sheet not available in that page.
Change to make the use of $eplug_css -> it needs to be put after the call for the normal css file, and also change it so that it includes the use of array.
* etc.

IMPORTANT - Please send any comments, suggestions, bugs to this address : http://e107educ.org - Thanks
Released:12 Feb 2007 : 09:19AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher