Flash News Scroller v0.2

Description:This is a little something I coded today. The best way to describe it is for you to view it
I also coded an admin panel, so that your admins can easily update it without FTP or much knowledge. By Penguin of SourceJunky.com #sourcejunky on Quakenet

Apoligies that this plugin may not be much use to people with not much coding knowledge, and my coding is rather sloppy. Next release will be much better!

Install Instructions:
1) Unzip
2) Open up e107_plugins/scroller/scroller.fla and edit the line of the top layer's action script:
EDIT: xml_scroller.load("http://www.sourcejunky.com/e107_plugins/scroller/scroller.xml");
CHANGE TO: xml_scroller.load("http://www.your-url.com/e107_plugins/scroller/scroller.xml");
Then replace the scroller.swf
3) Upload the folders, keeping the directory structure intact.
4) CHMOD e107_files to 777 to allow admin uploading through file manager
5) CHMOD e107_plugins/scroller/scroller.xml to allow writing. You may also need to CHMOD the directory.
6) IMPORTANT: Edit scroller.xml to your include the first 5 images/news posts/text etc. DO NOT USE THE SCRIPT FOR THIS.
7) Open up e107_plugins/scroller/scroller_update.php, and change $url to your site. EG $url ="http://www.sourcejunky.com/";
Create a new menu in e107, and use the embedded content tool to add e107_plugins/scroller/scroller.swf to the menu.
9) Enjoy!

Working example at: http://www.sourcejunky.com
Released:25 Mar 2007 : 05:16PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher