Autogallery nonASCII v2.6

Description:original Autogallery 2.61 with nonASCII support

1. update nonASCII
I want to use non-ASCII chars in Gallery name. But it's not good to use these char as name of directory. I used strtr function to replace nonASCII chars to chars defined in Languages_trans.php. Title for Gallery is in gallery directory as "title.txt" - defined in def_core.php (define('AUTOGAL_TITLEFILE', "title.txt");)
(Slovak_trans.php is included)

2.update "default image"
When you set default image, image is copy to default image not move.

Sorry for my brief description, but it's "under construction".
You can use it at your own risk.
It's working on my site, you can see.
Thanks for your feedback.

Original Autogallery 2.61 description:

A simple to use media and image gallery that bases galleries off a file folder structure. Auto Gallery is one of the simplest ways to add media to your website: It can display images, flash animations, flash games, movies and sound files.

See it in action here: [link]

Auto Gallery is designed around ease of use and administration. It's main objective is allow administrators to copy, move, upload, rename and delete files and folders in a directory tree, and for these actions to be reflected instantly on the website. You can add images, movies, animations, games, and sound files simply by uploading them through a FTP client. Its priority is simplicity.

However, Auto Gallery has gained some powerful features over the years. Although it won't offer complex features found in galleries such as Coppermine, it does deliver functionality to rival many galleries available. A list of major features is detailed below:

Image Manipulation
* Automatic image thumbnailing
* Image watermarking
* Image rotating
* Animated GIF Support
* Works with GD, GD2 and ImageMagick

* Leech protection (hot-linking)
* Automatic watermarking (image overlay) of images
* Admin logs
* Viewing, uploading, administration and commenting can be controlled through user classes for individual galleries

Meta Data
* Descriptions can be set for media files and galleries
* Latest media page
* Latest comments page
* View and email hit counters
* XML data backend - Easy to edit, move, delete and copy without e107 (e.g. via FTP)

User Interactions
* Email to friend page
* User comments (controlled by user classes)
* User ratings (controlled by user classes)
* Media and gallery search page
* Users can submit media directly to galleries, or through an admin approval process (depending on their user class membership)
* Timer-based slide shows
* Optional embed code/link text boxes

* Context administration menu allows gallery admins to:
- Delete media files/galleries
- Rename media files/galleries
- Move media files/galleries
- Manually watermark images
- Rotate images
- Change user access to a gallery
- Create new galleries
- Change descriptions of media files/galleries
- Set thumbnails for media files
- Set thumbnails for galleries (known as default images)
* Operations can be performed on one or many files at a time

* MANY options to control Auto Gallery's look and feel
* Arcade integration - top scores table
* XHTML Compliant

Supported Media
* Images (bmp, jpg, gif and png)
* Flash animations and games (swf)
* Flash video (flv) - like youtube etc.
* Apple Quicktime movies (mov)
* Real Media movies (rm)
* Windows Media Player movies (wmv, avi, mpg, divx)
* Audio (mp3, wma)

Thanks to SpooK for his help on this. Although all flash games can be played by Auto Gallery, not all games will work with the top scores table. AG supports IBPro (Invision Power Board Forum Arcade) and V3Arcade games. Apparently there are over 1000 supported games available. Below are some URLs where these can be downloaded:

Site 1: [link]
Site 2: [link]

Follow instructions in the 'Report Bug' admin section. If you can't for some reason, report bugs here: [link]

Released:13 Jul 2007 : 12:17PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher