Top VSP Players v1.0

Description:This Plugin Displays the Top VSP Stats Players on your Home Page.
The top 3 Skilled Players are shown on the Left, Awards in the Center inc..Best Efficiency, Best Killer and Highest Kill Streak, 3 Players with the Most Played Games on the Right and across the Bottom 3 Random Quotes.
The Date of Last Update is also Displayed, if used in Firefox the Time Flash's but is static in I.E.

This is a php conversion from a NUKE block made by Dacio from the Band of Brothers Clan.

This Plugin will show in your Menu. (although i do not recommend it, as it will stretch your Menu. But if you wish to alter the code to fit by all means do so)

Please Read the readme file before you try to upload this plugin as some script alteration is required beforehand.
The plugin has been double zipped so that you cannot directly upload before extracting it, by doing this the readme is un-zipped at the same time.

This should work with All Versions of e107 as it does not create any tables and all depends on how you set up VSP stats on your website. I run e107 v0.7.8 hence being in this section.

Hope you all Enjoy this
Released:05 Oct 2007 : 10:00AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher