4Images Integration v0.6

Description:1. All users (Admin accounts, user accounts, waiting users, bans, registrations, logins, ...) are in e107 database and you don't have to edit anything in e107 at all!
2. You don't have to reinstall e107 (files or database) even if you have 342999xxx already registered users
3. You don't have to delete your "4images" database (images or music content).
4. Login, logout, register ... from E107 only!
5. Fully permissions and lightbox ... support in 4images.
6. It's NOT "e107_plugin". When you're logged as admin in e107 you're logged as admin in 4Images.

Support: nenost AT gmail.com
Released:08 Jan 2008 : 06:10AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher