Firefox Menu v0.2

Description:This little menu is used when you build your site for FireFox

When not using FireFox you will see a big strike through the FireFox logo with a link to download FireFox

firestarteR1 was the original maker of the menu but his coding was badly done. I decided to redo the whole menu so that there were no issues with the menu.
When the user is using FireFox it will show FireFox eating IE symbol and say congrats you are using FireFox


Updates July 2 2007

Rewrote the code to recognize all browser.
although certain browser need certain strings i was not able to get them all such as linux browsers and Mac browsers. (excluding safari).

The other browsers will be in my next update of this plugin.

Images for Safari, Opera and IE have been added.


if you have installed the last version you must completely remove it before uploading the new one.

Last file was corrupted so I repacked it.
Released:07 Feb 2008 : 10:53AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher