Asian Babe Of The Day v1.5

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*** Version 1.5.1 Updates ***
- FINAL File Location Fix

*** Version 1.5 Updates ***
- Lightbox Support added
- File Location fix

**NOTE - As soon as v1.5.1 plugin is approved and can be downloaded ... images for v1.5.1 will be changed to an image stating you need to update with the link to updated version ... so be on the look out on your v1.5.0 plugin.
Also ... If you would like the Presented by JUSTLOAF1 please visit my site and post in the forums !


Created this for justloaf1 (he got a thing about Asians, as i think we all do.)
There is no FULL nudity but there are provocative posses.


Plugin features a new Asian babe everyday ... duh !
However, I have thrown in some special weeks and days !


Special Weeks...
- Big Breast Bonanza Week - Jan 4th-10th
- Uniform Week - Mar 22nd - 28th
- Group Week- June 14th-20th
- Swimsuit Week - Aug 2nd-8th
- Nurse Week - Oct 18th-24th
- Twins Week - Dec 13th-19th

Special Days...
- St Paddy\'s Day
- 4th of July


Installation Instructions:

-- Unzip to local machine
-- Delete the folder (DBD-ABOTD) from the e107_plugins folder
-- Drop new (A3-ABOTD) folder into your site folder (e107_plugins)
-- Enable plugin (A3-ABOTD) through the MENUS in the admin section.
-- DONE !
Released:24 Jul 2010 : 01:25PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher