e-Tweet - e107 Auto Tweet Plugin v0.9

This version implements OAuth authentication for e-Tweet as twitter discontinues basic auth (directly passing a username and password for every API request) from June 30, 2010 onwards.
Twitter postponed OAuth switchover date to August 16, 2010

e-Tweet will automatically tweet your news posts, downloads posts, content posts etc to Twitter. It also posts a shortened URL of the newly posted content to Twitter. It uses the bit.ly ( http://bit.ly ) API for URL shortening.

Tweets are customizable. It will enable the user to push tweets with hashtag/s to twitter with site promotional motives. This plugin is based on Chris Mielke's 'Twitter-Blog' plugin for WordPress.

For the plugin to function as intented one need to have cURL enabled as aPHP extension and twitter and bit.ly accounts which are free to obtain.

Upgrade Instructions
As there are some major changes with this new version of e-Tweet it is recommended to make it as a fresh install. Some old files causes conflicts if left alone in the etweet plugin directory. There is also changes in the etweet preference structure saved to the database. The following steps are recommended for installing the new version.

Upgarde steps
Note down your bit.ly username and API Key.
Go to plugin manager and chose to uninstall eTweet v0.2, v0.9 or 0.9.1
Set the option 'Delete plugin files' to 'Yes'.
Confirm Uninstall.
Make sure that the etweet folder is deleted from e107 plugin directory via FTP if not delete it.
Unzip e-Tweet v0.9.2 and upload the extracted 'etweet' directory to the e107 plugins folder.
Login to the admin area, go to 'Plugin Manager' and install e-Tweet v0.9.2
Clear your Cache before going to e-Tweet configuration page.
Go to e-Tweet configuration page fill in the needed details and save.

Tweets your news posts
Tweets your download posts
Tweets your content posts
Tweets your Chatbox posts
Tweets your Chatbox - II posts
Creates a bit.ly link back to your post when your post is tweeted
Customizable Tweet format with tweet prefixes and sufixes
Can selectively enable/disable the auto tweet feature for different areas.

What this update do?
This version implements Twitter OAuth authentication for e-Tweet
Implemented chatbox and chatbox - II support
Implemented cURL extension enabled check
Lots of user-friendly changes in the Admin UI

SourceForge.Net Download Mirror
e-Tweet Download @ SourceForge.Net

To do
Implement auto tweet for news and download updation.
'Thank You' direct message or reply to new followers.
Released:26 Jun 2010 : 05:41AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher