Cups v1.2

Description:About this plugin:
- This plugin will provide a detailed list of all cups you have won.
- It can add Cups to the calendar and adds it as events.
- It can send out emails to a chosen userclass to notify that there has been a new cup added to the list.
- Also, it can send out congratulation emails to whoever has participated in the cup tournament.
- It can display the total amount of cups you have won categorised by placement.
- It can show an amount of latest achieved cups.

NOTE: YOU MUST CONFIGURE THE CUPS_CONFIG.PHP FILE TO YOUR OWN NEED! Open it with notepad and change the values to your needs!

This release fixes some more bugs and changes the layout of the details.php page!

Additional info: This plugin is largely based on the RWar plugin code from Richard Perry. I thank him for making an awesome plugin which I have used for a long time!

I hope you enjoy the plugin! Please report bugs or request features on the forums at my website, or in this thread!
Released:16 Apr 2010 : 04:51AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher