Page Creator (For Noobs) v1.1

Description:This is only for noobs!

Update in Version 1.1
- Better Page Creation
- Editing pages page is added
- Completely made in PHP / HTML
- Fixed some security, overwriting and checking problems (Core files can never been edited or delete with this Plugin anymore)
You need to download this Plugin to see all changes!

What is this? Its a simple form that creates a page with some options. You can chose who you want to see the page, page content and page name. The page name will be the same as the page title! So this is custom names! (Without that, its much worse then the Custom Pages that exists)

Reasons to download:
- It creates a cutom file name, like My Page.php
- It allows all script types, and is less advance then the e107 page creator

But if you think page?6 is ok, you dont need this!

So, good luck with this plugin!
Released:05 Feb 2010 : 02:32PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher