Advanced Medal System v1.4

Description:Following is a summary of features including changes I made in version 1.42.

General feature list:
A general award system which can be easily adjusted for other applications.
This is not limited to gaming applications, it can be easily adapted to a customer recognition/award system.

Admin Section:
Manage Medals
Delete Medals
Add New Medal
Award Medal(s) To User
Take Medal From User
User Overview (Provides information of all the awarded Medals to a user.)
Medals Overview (Provides detailed information about all the available Medals.)
Displays information in Latest area

Menu Section (Activate through Menus in Admin area.):
Provides a summary to the specific user of all the Medals awarded to them.

Medals Overview (Select from general Menu area.)
Lists all the Medals
Details for Medals (Medal name, Medal description, User the Medal was awarded to and the date the medal was awarded.)
Medal Statistics (Medal Distribution, Total number of Medals awarded and Medals Awarded over last 3 days.)

User Profile:
Medal details for all the awarded Medals to a user are added to the User Profile.

The total number of awarded Medals is added to the User Information in a Forum post.

Design your own award images 99x33 pixels and add to the medalimg folder.

Version 1.42 was tested with e107 version 0.7.17
Firefox 3.6, Internet Explorer8

(Based on Marc Peppler original version 1.2)

Changes in Version 1.41:
This is a bug fix to Manage Medals in admin sectionWrong image path for medal images when clicking on edit
Changes in Version 1.42:
This is a bug fix to Selecting User in the Admin sectionSelecting User in User Overview and Take Medal From User did not show information for the selected user, it displayed all Medals/Awards ever awarded.
Just upload the new zip file via Plug-In manager and select Upgrade. Nothing else is necessary
Released:01 Feb 2010 : 09:29PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher