Bot v1.2

Description:This plugin is a automatically working bot solving the jobs using the e_module.php and some tricks.
I don't know if all functions are working as well as I want it to do so it's only a beta-release. Please mail me your review and possible bots to the eMail you can see in the admin-area in the plugin-part or send me a private message here.

What this plugin does

- You can give the bot an account you want it to use. It could be an admins account, an own one or similar.
- The bot will post "log entries" into a special forum and the bot_log-table (I recommend to class-restrict the special forum).
- The bot can replace your own badwords. This will happen once a hour and will speed-down the site only for the first site-initiator.
- The bot will say hello by sending a private message to new users once a hour.
- You can add an own text using placeholders for the log-entries, for the welcome-text and similar.

- The feature I'm really proud of: The bot has a "double account detector". It will look for double-accounts if you want it to do so. You can choose if the bot should use the ip-adresses (daily) in the user-table or a special cookie (always) which will not be deleted by e107 if the user will log-out.

- You can read the private messages sent to the bot in the bots admin-area and reply to them, mark them as read...
- You can choose a control class which is allowed to shutdown the bot over exit.php and read the private messages. Maybe I will add more features for this class later.
- I don't use the database for check if a user has received a welcome-message or if the bot was active in a hour / day. The bot-plugin has a separate log-folder 'cause I think it's easier to handle.

- - -

I hope you like this plugin .

New in version 1.1:

- Some errors in the English language pack. I hope now the plugin will work on every ones system.

New in version 1.2:

- Now you have the possibility to make the bot replace badwords in the chatbox too.
- A bug got fixed.
Released:10 Dec 2009 : 07:40AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher