Left 4 Dead Server Messages v1.0

Description:Easy method to set MOTD and Banner for a dedicated Left 4 Dead server.

Simply create a custom page for the banner and one for the MOTD.
The banner page should contain a single banner image.

MOTD can contain most HTML, though there may be restrictions to the type of tags you can use.

More info about the Left 4 Dead MOTD and Banner can be found here: http://left4dead411.com/left-4-dead-server-motd

To activate the MOTD and banner simply modify the host.txt and motd.txt

host.txt should have one line:
motd.txt should have one line:
(Change yoursite.com/e107_plugins/ to the proper path to your servers plugin folder.)
Released:03 Nov 2009 : 02:48PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher