Auto Post on Signup v1.0

Description:Auto Post on Signup (APoS) is a simple plugin which will post a new forum thread when a user signs up to your e107 website. It works depending on your signup verification method (excluding Admin approval). If your have no verification method an immediate thread is posted when a new member registers, otherwise the thread is posted when the user verifies via email.

This was made with the intention to welcome new users by a post in an Introductions section of a forum, but I'm sure it has other uses.

Options in the Admin Area are

* Select Thread Location (including sub-forums)
* Custom thread subject title
* Custom thread text
* Edit thread poster (by userid)
* Use [USERNAME] to include new user name in title or post.
* Use [LOGINNAME] to include login name in title or post.
* Auto detect signup verification method

Visit the for questions and support.
Released:11 Jul 2009 : 10:32PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher