ChatBox II v1.5

Description:ChatBox II is based on the original Chatbox with many new and configurable options including;

1. Dynamic Updating to all site visitors.
2. ChatBox Colorizing and configuration
3. Sound on posting.
4. Ability to allow Users to Colorize text.
5. Ability for Users/Mods to delete posts (red X).
6. Headers for ChatBox or ChatPage
7. Mods can Mute Posters (Block = red block)
8. Gold System Integration

Also included;

A 'chatpage.php' which is a simple chat.

A script to copy existing chatbox posts, to the new ChatBox II table (e107_plugins/chatbox2_menu/admin_copy_cbt.php)

1) Sound may not work totally, or in part in all browsers and may depend on users individual configuration.

2) IF Delete Post ability is turned on, Users and MODS will see an `X` allowing users to delete their own posts and MODS to immediately delete posts.

3) IF BLOCK (Mute) Posters is turned on, MODS will see a `RED BLOCK` allowing MODS to immediately block a poster, but the poster can still read posts.

This release has many changes. Please post any issues,coments, suggestions in the Chatbox II forum at e107(Link above).

Also let us know if it is working well.

Thanks and enjoy.

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To those who rate plugins LOW without any type of feedback are just shooting themselves in the foot. Why would programmers create and distribute FREE plugins and software if they get that type of treatment. You will just see what is available to you become less and less. If you have issues with plugins, dont be dumb and just rate them low. At least give feedback.
Released:03 Aug 2008 : 11:17AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher