Sight FX v1.1

Description:Sight FX allows Site administrators to create unique effects on their websites.

Site FX lets administrators upload up to 4 image files to a directory and give the group a name for that directory called an Occasion (ie, snow, rain, fireworks, etc...). Then the Admin can activate the OCCASIONS and manage the effects those images have on the looks of the site.

This isn't a simple javascript performing one function. It allows you to keep many Occasions stored Then admin can work with many variables to create different effects using these Occasions.

Its simple to use and the combinations really are endless.

* Up to 4 different images, with up to 20 on screen at once.

* Various Directions, speeds and patterns.

* One cycle per page, or continuous looping.

* Ability to review Occasions and Effects, without activating them.

Not sure if you want to use it? Take the DEMO for a test drive first. There is a Demo available and a link to it can be found Under the Links Tab above. The Demo is for the GOLD Version, but for most, this Free version will do more than enough...

NOTE: If there is more than one person playing with settings, there will be problems. The last one to click ACTIVATE will have the settings take effect.

Also, check the Sight FX forums at where, hopefully, people will share images for special occasions as well as unique FX Settings. (Link to site under link tabs above).

Hope some find this useful.


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Released:29 Jun 2008 : 09:41AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher