Description:Lytebox picture of the day - version 1.1

These is basic plugin that display picture of the day on your site and when visitor click on it image is opened over whole screen.

These plugin use Lytebox Javascript to display picture over whole broswer window when visitor click on it.
Lytebox is made by and
\\\"This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.\\\"

For these plugin is using backbone of the
ImageOfTheDay_menu made by Oz (
so credits to him!!!

There are folder included image1 with sample images - with watermark on whole image !

If you like images you can contact me on !!!
you will get same images with small watermark on the bottom you can use them but you must leave watermark !!!
If you need new images I have nice collection - contact me !!!!

You can add yours - use resolution about 640x480 that fits to screen.

In folder must be 31 pictures one picture for one day of the month - 31 days means 31 pictures.

example: image1 - have images image01.jpg

Image names they must be kept in the same format image01.jpg, image02.jpg
- image01.jpg is for 1th day of the month and so on

Confuguration: You can configure WIDTH, HEIGHT and POSSITION of image in menu !!!

TO DO - 1. configuration of JS file from plugin control panel !!!
- 2. adding more than one image from controlpanel
Released:16 May 2008 : 12:14PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher