DBackup v1.1

Description:DBackup is an e107 plugin which can backup your entire MySQL Database. These are the tables which hold information such as usernames, emails, forum topics/post, news items, plugin settings, virtually everything to do with the site!

New to v1.1 from v1.0...

- Admin display page altered for better layout
- Database create time added to display page
- One click table download added to admin display page
- View all table properties, fields etc
- SQL file name format changed for easier restoring/storing
- English Language file fully complete

Backing your MySQL Database is very important for any website. Should your server crash for some reason, your website get hacked, or if you make changes to e107 which spoil the database, you could lose all your data.

DBackup makes downloading a backup as easy as changing settings. Simply select the table(s) you wish to download, or choose to download all the tables, and click a button to save the .sql file to your PC. To restore a backed up file, simply upload the file and it will rebuild all the data within.

In addition, suppose you wanted to transfer all your users to another e107 website, but not the forum, news etc. You can choose to download the user tables only, then restore them on the other site using DBackup within a few minutes!

This plugin also contains handy files which will attempt to override you php.ini settings to enable you to backup and restore large amounts of data should this be needed. The installation is easy as it does not use any MySQL tables its self and does not require any 777 permissions.

Tested on
e107 Version: 0.7.9 and 0.7.11
Server: Apache 2.0.55 Red Hat
PHP Version: 4.4.8
MySQL Version : 5.0.20a

For support/comments visit DBackup at Martinj.co.uk
Released:10 Mar 2008 : 09:55AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher