phpfreechat v1.6

Description:Update to v1.6.2 with the follwoing fixes/new features:
Some code fixes
Gender image in nicklist (gray, pink, blue, couple).
Now supports "user extended" fields gender (0..3), birthday, age (calculated from bday), country and a country flag. All of these might not be used in YOUR installation, so they will be gracefully ignored in that case.
IP address, Email address and Birthday of a user will only be shown to chat admins.
Country flags might be used elsewhere in e107, so should be stored in e107_images/flags/.
Random user avatars for guests should be stored as e107_images/avatars/avatar_guest_x.gif where x=1..9.

If you already have v1.6.1 installed and don't want to lose your configuration, you can easily just overwrite all the files then go to admin -> plugin manager and perform a plugin UPDATE. Afterwards, clear the chat's cache via the admin panel, then do a chat /rehash and you should be set.
Released:02 Feb 2008 : 09:14AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher