Chatbox v1.1

Description:Chatbox With Edit Option

This is the origional Chatbox Menu v1.0 by jalist with a slight modification to allow Admin to edit messages, rather than just delete or block messages. It uses the same database tables as the existing Chatbox Menu and all current data will be retained.

There has been four changes...

1) An extra line on 135 in chat.php
2) One new language define() insert
3) New image in images folder
4) New file called editchat.php

This is the same script and works just the same! However when an administrator views the Moderate Chatbox page, they also have an Edit Icon. Clicking this icon takes you to an Admin only page where the details of the selected post can be edited.

Support at

1)Upload the /chatbox_menu/ folder to your e107_plugins/ directory, overwriting any existing chatbox_menu files.
2)Go to Plugin Manager in the e107 Admin Area and click the Upgrade button (or Install button if you DO NOT have Chatbox v1.0)
Released:04 Jan 2008 : 07:27AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher