IRDJ Schedule v1.2

Description:IRDJ v1.2 (Formally known a DJ Schedule v1.1)

IRDJ is a complete schedule and profile management system for e107 websites which feature music by live DJ's. This used to be called DJ Schedule in its v1.0 stages but has now introduced a new name and has many many more features. You can easily add, edit or delete entries from the schedule and create custom profiles for each DJ via the admin area.

- Todays schedule , menu item showing the line up for todays DJs only.
- Time slots can be in any format - e.g 16:00-18:00, 1PM-3PM, 4-6.
- Create custom profile pages for each DJ
- GD Random Profile Image Creator
- All DJ names can link to the profile page
- Use HTML for completely custom DJ profile pages
- Profile theme layout editing
- Unlimited time slots or number of DJ profiles
- Use as many or as little DJs you require for each day
- One schedule change affects all schedule/menu display.

1) Unzip the file
2) Upload the /irdj/ folder to your /e107_plugins/ folder
3) Go to your e107 admin area and select the Install option
4) Start entering your schedule and profiles!

More will follow in future versions including SHOUTcast server information/changes, default profile pages/templates and other things that are a must for internet radio stations. Please contact me for requests for features or bug reports.

Support for this plugin can be found in the forum at

NOTE - If you currently use the DJ Schedule plugin please uninstall it and upload the new IRDJ plugin to use. Future releases of IRDJ will retain the schedule information.
Released:31 Dec 2007 : 04:09AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher