clancodes v1.2 (create flag, real- and nickname markup of any user) (create flag) (show country flag of user on forum/profile) (create list of recent forum posts) (create list of recent news) (create list of recent matches from rwar) (show on-/offline icon of user on forum/profile) (replaces default newsauthor nickname by markup) (show a roster of a certain userclass)

Set preferences in admin area for; en-/disable replacement of newsauthor, set number of items to show for forum-, news- and matchlist, set the userclass to show the roster for.

Enable the in-built extended user field for country and go to admin area - tools - database and run the check plugin directories for updates to enable the codes.

Apart from the newsauthor shortcode, you need to add each shortcode in the template you wish it to show up in order to activate! The newsauthor shortcode is automatically active after you've scanned your plugin directories!

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Released:20 Dec 2007 : 01:05AM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher