NET/IP Filter v1.2

Description:BugFix realease, see 'Changes'.

With this plugin you can allow or deny access to your site from one or more ip addresses and networks
Developers can use the NetIP_Filter class (netip_filter.php) to block or allow access to any piece of code.
For usage information about the class take a look in netip_filter.php, and in e_module.php for an example.
Filter's work is based on actions (allow, deny) and events (init - predefined, used by e_module.php for controling access to the entire site; user defined events for code specific access control tasks).

If there is something not very clear about filters work, or there is a bug (bugs), please e-mail me.
Released:07 Sept 2007 : 05:48PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher