eq107 v0.8

Description:eq107 is aimed at integrating your EQDKP system into your e107 site. This tool is ideal for guilds who use the EQDKP system to administer their DKP systems. Currently eq107 is geared towards World Of Warcraft guilds as this is the primary \"vice\" of the author. It has been implemented by some guilds successfully into Everquest.

Future plans for development of this plugin include;
* Making it easier for you to tailor the eq107 platform to your guild\'s requirements, such as different games e.g. Everquest, Final Fantasy XI and any other DKP applications that use the EQDKP system.
* Implementing other DKP administration systems such as NurfedDKP (NDKP).

If you wish to help contribute to this plugin with language localisation or game localisation then please head over to the project page. Also you can obtain the latest repository version of the plugin.

If possible please can you make support and feature requests over at the project page as well. This will make it easier for me to track everything.
Released:09 Jul 2007 : 01:18PM
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher