FilleUpload Plugin v1.1

Description:This is my file upload plugin.With the help of this plugin Admin's dont have to worry about Approving a particular upload.This plugin provides different types of upload facilities like..SingleFileUpload,Multiple FileUpload,Only Pic. Upload etc. and All this is included in Tabbed Browsing script and this time you dont have to worry about passwords or any admin. If you see any problem with the plugin please put the request on my Sites forum [link] I will be glad to respond. One other if you use this plugin with my FileDownload plugin it makes a good combination of Upload/Download script.Just think!!! User uploads the file and File shows up in the download section without any admin approval.. How kool is that......!!!!! Hunt
Released:28 May 2007 : 06:49PM
Author:Prateek Shukla
Requirements:e107 v1 or higher